Consumer engagement


Let the consumer be your guide. Understand faster and make decisions that lead to more product wins.


Redefining what “full-service” research means

More than just consumer and sensory insights. We translate your ideas into products built for success in the market. Brisan offers a comprehensive platform for all of your food and beverage research needs including: consumer research, sensory research, trends research, and product development prototyping.


Consumer understanding tools

Real-time, in-person, or digital. We offer tons of diverse ways to engage with consumers by leveraging and integrating: Consumer Acceptance Testing, Qualitative Testing, and Benchmarking & Category Reviews.


Consumer Acceptance testing

Understand: How well your food concepts/products are liked and identify any product concept deviation.


Qualitative Testing

Understand: Consumer feelings, attitudes, opinions, and thoughts to discover powerful behavior drivers.


Benchmark & Category reviews

Understand: Which product attributes are driving consumer preference across a category.


Signature services

Leverage consumer understanding tools to screen concepts and optimize products.


Concept Screening


Optimization Services


At Brisan, we treat you and your research objectives like a unique snowflake. We pride ourselves on the personal touch we add to each and every project to ensure we exceed expectations and meet your goals, scope, timeline, and budget.


Get on track to deeper product understanding, and start celebrating more wins.

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