Sensory training


Advance your QA/QC program, enhance staff communication, and nail your product marketing language. Step up your team’s technical sophistication and improve product communication with sensory training from Brisan.




Our sensory training program follows rigorous industry-standards and sensory science best practices. Our approach to each training is completely customized to hit your unique business objectives, department goals, and budget.




Sensory training services


Plant training

Train your Quality Control (QC) & Quality Assurance (QA) staff, and ability to develop an on-going training plan for red light, green light consistency controls.


Small Group Training

Train a core group of your employees who regularly evaluate products in: best practices, evaluation tools, and “plan of execution” for cuttings and specific needs.


Panel Training

Develop and train your on-site, in-house panel in single or multiple product categories in technical sensory science evaluation.


Custom Training

Develop a training plan that fits your general or precise need in the field of sensory sciences.

Learn how Brisan can support your business with sensory training services.
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