Our process



Launching a product is hard

As complicated and challenging as launching a product is, failure rate is still massive. Success is not getting the product to market, success is designing a relevant product that sustains the market. Brisan’s platform helps you unlock your product’s true potential, allowing you to celebrate more wins.


You’ve got an idea, we bring it to life

Brisan translates your ideas into products built for success in the market. We’re your innovation engine to help you understand faster, then dominate the market. 


How we work


We’re born from a foundation of disciplines.


We integrate and accelerate our disciplines to produce winning insights that become the blueprint for your next winning product.


Our product development team has all the chops to 3-dimensionalize your ideas as truly scalable prototypes.


 Our approach


Single or Bundled

Whether single or bundled, we make it possible to tailor and integrate valuable consumer, sensory, and trend services into your projects.



We provide faster understanding by starting with the consumer and embedding consumer touch points along the product development process.


Iterative Learning

Make small bets through build-test-learn checkpoints with your target audience and sensory panels.


Commercial Guardrails

We guide concepts and create prototypes grounded in food science and manufacturing processes for truly scalable products so you can go-to-market with confidence.


How we support you



We’re your innovation engine. We screen, optimize, and prototype your food innovations at lightning speed.


…So, what’s your need?



Learn how Brisan can help you understand faster and dominate the market.
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