Get it prototyped.


Bring your idea to life. Translate your ideas into food products built for success.


We turn blurry ideas into real food products, and anywhere in between. 3-dimensionalze your idea to gather powerful consumer feedback or get it built as a truly scalable prototype.


Product development services


Protocept creation

3-dimensionalize your ideas, bring them to life as real protocepts that allow you to garner real-time feedback from consumers.


Shelf Life Testing

Run your product through our proven shelf-life testing process from quality through food safety measures.



Get commercial food and drink formulas grounded in serious food science and technical processing best practices developed with scalability check-points.


Product Design

Leveraging our integrated insights and lab services, get a unique product completely turn-key developed with consumer check-points and an attribute blueprint, then rapidly prototyped.


Rapid Prototyping

Gather numerous scalable prototypes made in our state-of-the-art labs and test kitchens developed with real commercial guardrails.


Heating Validation

Get your product’s heating instructions validated and backed up with food safety data you can trust.

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