Flavor Consultants & Suppliers


We've had a relationship with most of our flavors partners for nearly 20 years.


Our Flavor Partners

 We have flavor consultants in all flavor categories: sweet, savory, and specialty. Each flavor company has been carefully evaluated with whom to build a partnership, because we want to ensure that our customers get the best selection of the best ingredients from the best suppliers.


Success and Growth

Many of Brisan’s flavor suppliers have earned authoritative positions in their respected flavor segment — based on scale, quality, technology, and service. With Brisan functioning as a flavor hub, representing nearly a dozen diverse flavor companies, we have a collection of over 30,000 different flavors.


We understand that some customers are looking for quick turnaround stock flavors (that are accompanied with paperwork, pricing, floor stock agreements, and consistent lead times) — and others are looking for custom, one-of-a-kind flavors for signature products. Either way, we work with your lab, purchasing department, marketing and business teams in order to make scale-up as seamless as possible.


Novel Technology

Our flavor partners’ best assets are their people. Their labs and production facilities are made up of some of the smartest, technical scientists in the food industry. Many of our flavor manufacturers have patents, top-secret extraction technologies, and unique fermentation specialties.  


Raw Material Origin

Brisan believes that industrial ingredient transparency begins with raw material origin. We maintain a very deep knowledge of supply chain in order to provide our customers with tons of information — because we think that honesty and education is a sustainable approach to gaining customer trust and loyalty.


Customer Service

Brisan’s customer service team is made up of an ex-Food Scientist and an ex-Purchasing Agent. Our "we've been in your shoes before" empathy and attentive service is why Brisan has been in business for 20 successful years. 


Simply put: when you’re happy, we’re happy.
— The Brisan Team
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