We have as close of a relationship with our supply chain as people have with their first-born.


Our Knowledge Runs Deep

Other companies just select a finished vanilla flavor to send to your lab. Our partners start at the beginning, working with farmers to harvest the best vanilla beans, then oversee their maturation to assure they only extract the finest quality vanilla oleoresin in the world. This oleoresin is then used in the vanilla flavor we source you.  

Farmer Pollinating a Vanilla Orchid

Farmer Pollinating a Vanilla Orchid

Orange Grove in Brazil

Dairy Farm in Wisconsin


Our Transparency Starts With Agriculture

Our citrus partner's involvement begins well before citrus oil extraction. We know the exact citrus grove and the precise temperature of the day the citrus fruit was harvested, that was used to create your finished citrus flavor.


Our Dairy Supply Chain Is Traced Back Before the Milk Source

We know the cow's precise diet and lifestyle that produced the milk, that was turned into cheese and atomically ripped apart by dairy scientists. And these "top-notes" are used as building blocks to create your finished, natural cheese flavor.



We're thought leaders who inform and inspire.


We Don't Provide Second-Hand Trend Research

We do our own Culinary Trend Research



We Help You Stay a Step Ahead

We provide smokin' hot trends that typically trickle down to the market in 1-3 years. Giving your company a proactive, competitive edge.

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