Clean Label Ingredients


We have over 20,000 clean label ingredients in our portfolio — and counting.


The "Clean Label" Demand

“Clean Label” is not a passing trend in the ever-changing food industry, it is a social movement—an effort seeking transparency and what it means to be “real food”. Consumers want to know and understand what they are putting in their body.


Ingredient declarations and marketing claims are key tools that consumers are using to determine if a food product is right for them and their family, and essentially, if it is fit to be purchased. We understand how important clean label is to consumers and our customers. This consumer push for "clean label" has strong, international momentum and has informed business decisions for a large number of our customers.



Many of our customers are executing this demand by minimizing ingredient declarations and replacing synthetic ingredients with natural ingredients—Brisan has positioned ourselves as an ideal ingredient supplier for these exact projects.


How? We understand that removing synthetic ingredients from a formula and finding clean label replacements is not only difficult for the purchasing departments, but also difficult for the lab. We provide technical guidance for all of our ingredients, to make R&D replacement and new ingredient validation projects easy and seamless.


Clean Label Ingredients

Our ingredient partners have always manufactured an enormous quantity of natural products, but in an effort to effectively respond to this consumer demand, our partners have worked extremely hard to satisfy this clean labeling initiative by modifying existing products and creating new, simple, natural items.


Brisan now has over 20,000 clean label ingredients in our diverse portfolio. We have clean label versions of ingredients in each of our product categories. An overview of our clean label ingredient offering:

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