Salt Reduction Ingredient Technology


What is it?

It's a brand new ingredient technology called "MSE" (Multi-Sensation Enhancer).

It's a sensory enhancer that's catching serious attention from flavor labs, food techs, scientists, and research chefs. 

It's a spray-dried, white powder that reduces topical salt usage and labels as "Natural Flavor"*.

It's novel.

It's effective.

And it's clean label. 


What isn't it?

It's not artificial.

It's not magic (it's science).

It's not going to waste your time.


How much salt can you reduce with this technology?

With a 0.1% topical usage of "MSE", we saw up to 40% salt reduction in snacks. (Yes, you read that right...40%.) 


How does it work?

The science behind it is complex and top-secret (sorry). But, what we can tell you is — it potentiates flavor and salt, big time.


Who made this salt reduction technology?

The salt reduction technology, "MSE", comes from a company called Resolve. 


Resolve is a food and beverage ingredient start up company that discovers novel ingredient technologies and manufactures custom ingredient blends. Their lab has been hard at work fine-tuning this salt reduction ingredient for the past 24 months. Click here to learn more about Resolve.


Fit for the following topical applications:

- Bakery

- Crackers

- Chips

- Nuts

- Popcorn

- Seasoning Blends

- Snacks

Don't see your application listed above? We encourage savvy scientists to give it a try in their applications! Click here to request a free sample of "MSE".


More info:

- Clean Label

- Your Label*: "Natural Flavor"

- Average Usage Rate: 0.1%

- Pack Size: 50 lb. bag in box

- All Natural

- No Preservatives


Acceptable By: Whole Foods, Panera, Kroger, Aldi SimplyNature, Trader Joe's.

Click here to learn more about the clean label movement.



*Spec Sheet Label: "Maltodextrin, Natural Flavor". When formulated with at the average usage rate, maltodextrin is considered incidental and falls off the label.


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