The Garlic Company


The Garlic Company was founded in 1980 by two passionate garlic-farmers, John Layous and Joe Lane. Layous and Lane have both been working in the garlic industry since college, about 50 strong years, and used to be "soldiers in the field". After a long day of working the fields,  they used to meet up at a bar, and during their regular visits, they would discuss how they felt there was a need for a more efficient, vertically-integrated garlic segment. Layous and Lane were the right people to do this, and it was then that they decided to form The Garlic Company

San Joaquin Valley, CA

San Joaquin Valley, CA

"The Garlic Company is strategically located in California’s San Joaquin Valley. The area is well known for not only a warm Mediterranean climate, but also rich, fertile soil. Both characteristics help to create the ideal conditions for growing garlic. Moreover, The Garlic Company’s vertically integrated structure also helps to ensure premium garlic. The company maintains its own seed program in Oregon, where each year, raw garlic bulbs are shipped to California, processed, and planted. By maintaining an 'in house' seed program, The Garlic Company is in complete control of its raw material chain, ensuring not only consistent flavor but also complete traceability." - The Garlic Company



Garlic Production Data:

In 1980 produced   -   > 1.5 million lb. garlic
In 2015 produced   -   < 65 million lb. garlic



The Garlic Co. bases their quality measures on strict customer specification & expectationto ensure consistency and satisfaction.


Origin & Transparency

The Garlic Co. is involved from seedall the way through harvest and processing.


Feel Good About Working With The Garlic Company

The Garlic Co. has been working with independent, family-owned farms in California, Oregon, and Washington for over 35 years.

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