Our new tagline.

Our new tagline, Food From Thought®, is a reflection on all that Brisan does.

As we evolve as a company, careful thought goes into each and every Brisan decision to assure we provide meaningful value to our stakeholders: manufacturing partners and customers. All the ingredients we provide, insights we share, and items we create are products of careful thought. Here's why:


1) Provide.

Flavors, Functional Ingredients, Brand-Spankin’-New IP Technologies, Clean Label Ingredients, Custom Blends


Not only does Brisan give our customers access to a diverse portfolio of outstanding ingredients, we only partner with the best ingredient manufacturers. Brisan thinks big — supply chain, sustainability, quality, ecology, community, ethics, and more.

Although we reside in the industrial food space — that may seem sterile at times — we romanticize culinary magic and never lose sight of the fact that we’re providing real food.

2) Share.

Supply Chain Counseling, Technical Sales, Thought Leadership & Marketing Insights, Culinary Trends, Venture Advising, Selecting a Co-Packer


Brisan is a group of industry-raised fresh minds. We look at things differently and know a lot — about a lot. We share these insights with our customers to inform and inspire...and to make their jobs a little easier.


We know our stuff...but really though.

3) Create.

Hands-On Application Work, Commercialization Guidance, Clean Label Digital Resource Founder


We believe the only ideas that matter are the ones you execute. We challenge convention, think outside the box, and are constantly creating. Just last year we launched the first and only clean label authority, Go Clean Label, to educate consumers with ingredient mythbusting and provide clean label guidance to the food professionals.

A group of dreamers and doers.

We're up to some pretty cool stuff. Want to be a part of it?