Unique ice cream flavors that push the limit have been on-trend for the past couple years. Chefs in 2017 are back it. Here are some fantastic examples that we curated from influential, creative restaurants from across the US. 


We Give Trend Context

We believe isolating a single trend variable is impossible and devoid of artful thinking and true design principles — we must include its surrounding sensory ecosystem [think: appearance, flavors, aromas, textures listed on the menu]. 

We also provide context out of respect for thoughtful chefs.



Note: This research comes from our 2017 Culinary Trend Report.



1. Pineapple-Wasabi Sorbet / Fresh Avocado / Miso Sponge Cake / Sesame Tuille | Bouley, NYC


2. Bay Leaf Ice Cream / Winter Citrus Crepe Suzette | Animal, LA


3. Mezcal-Vanilla Ice Cream / Warm Apple Crumb Tart / Ginger / Cosme, NYC


 4. Satsuma Sorbet / Tiramisu / Mascarpone / Don Ciccio & Figli Concerto | GreenRiver, Chicago


5. Sesame Ice Cream / Chocolate Caramel Tart / Banana | Monteverde, Chicago


6. Brown Butter Softserve / Brown Butter Caramel / Smoked Cocoa Nib & Embered Pecan Panforte | Husk, Nashville


7. Coconut-Lemongrass Ice Cream Sandwich / Strawberry Coulis & White Chocolate Sesame | State Bird Provisions, SF


8. Chèvre Ice Cream / Tarta de Santiago Almond Cake / Grilled Pineapple / Orange Tile | Salero, Chicago


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