Vision Story

Get to know us better over storytime. We explain the Brisan Group vision and share an ancient mythology story that we look to for inspiration.


Once upon a time in 2018, we placed three big bets to address modern food challenges…


Modern Food Challenges


Bet 1:

Building an innovation engine will help food companies refine their pipeline and make better products;

Bet 2:

Acquiring and integrating a consumer research agency will ensure craveable and relevant product design;

Bet 3:

Wrangling all disciplines in-house creates contextual integration and streamlined processes resulting in more fluid idea translation. 


…People thought we were crazy for placing these bets and fighting against the current. That’s why we’re inspired by The Carp to Dragon myth.


Carp to Dragon Myth: According to Chinese mythology, the carp fish that could swim upstream the falls of the Yellow River would be transformed into a dragon.