Solution Plugins™

Customizable consumer, trend, and sensory insights that quickly integrate into your projects at any phase.



With Brisan’s Solution Plugins™, gathering compelling answers has never been easier. Whether single or bundled, we make it possible to quickly customize and integrate valuable consumer, trend, and sensory insights into your projects. 




Engage with consumers at any stage of your project, from a quick digital touch to a large in-person session, and anywhere in between.


Get the guidance and inspiration of niche culinary insights for a single project or routine trend packages tailored to your category and business.


Collect the objective descriptive or discriminatory sensory data you need from our trained panel and PhD research director.


What You Need and Nothing More

Mix ’n match these product and consumer understanding solutions then plug them into your projects lickity-split.


Could use a jolt of customizable insights? Learn how Solution Plugins™ can be seamlessly integrated into your business today.



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