The Three Different Types of Innovation


1. Product 

Shiny new products that fill a void and challenge the market.


2. Business Model

Providing value from a different part of the value chain.


3. Process 

Seamless efficiencies and integration producing radically lower prices or a radically better experience.


There's a big dilemma in the food industry right now, and it has to do with "innovation". Everyone uses the word, but very few understand it. Companies cannot achieve successful product innovation without relying on innovative business models and processes. Product innovation stems from compelling front-end ideas, but in order for static ideas to become tangible, launched achievements, they require the right vehicle structure (business model) and wheels (processes) to get them there. That's where Brisan Group comes in.

Brisan Group challenges conventional food and drink commercialization processes and business models, allowing us to thrive with clients who focus on product innovation and Big idea.

Here's how...


We help clients:

1. Radically increase speed to market with commercially viable pathways.

2. Think like a startup.

3. Pivot or pull the plug quicker.


*Three Innovation Types Defined by McKinsey, Innovation Research.

Turn ambitious innovation goals into achieved innovation goals.
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