Your next winning product. 

Craveable and relevant.

Brisan Group is an insights and development company that translates your ideas into products built for success in the market.

Understand faster and dominate the market.


We provide winning insights and winning products that help food companies of all types understand faster and dominate the market. 


We’re your innovation engine. Now, let’s kick-off your next winning product.


What we believe

Getting a product to market is hard enough, but that shouldn’t be your goal. Success is a lasting product that builds fans and gets adopted into ritual.


Sustained Launch

Success isn’t just a launch — it’s a sustained launch that can build fans and be adopted into ritual.


Consumer Input

Build products with consumer input as early and as often as possible.


Experience Food

Food must be experienced, not thought about in abstract.


Fiercely Transparent

Companies should be honest and upfront by design.



years serving the food community

Our business has over thirty years of experience in the industrial, retail, and foodservice insights and product development space.



ROBUST in-house verticals

Brisan Group’s foundation of product understanding and development disciplines are all in-house — consumer insights, sensory insights, trend insights, and product development.



sq ft research facility

Commercial kitchens, industrial kitchen, test kitchens, labs, focus group rooms, large CLT rooms, meeting spaces, quiet client rooms, and numerous viewing rooms.


Our in-house disciplines

Brisan Group is uniquely crafted with consumer insights, sensory insights, trend insights, and product development all in-house. From fuzzy idea to 3-dimensionalized product, we help you get it right then make it real.


Consumer Engagement

Maximize consumer touch points for traditional and innovation objectives:

- Consumer Acceptance Testing

- Qualitative Testing

- Benchmarking & Category Reviews


Product Understanding

Deeply understand product characteristics, develop clear communication, quantify attributes, and enhance market performance:

- Concept Screening

- Discrimination Testing

- Sensory Training

- Product Optimization


Product Development

With a culinary and technical approach to product design, our food scientists translate your ideas into products built for success in the market:

- Trend Insights

- Formulation

- Prototyping & Product Design

- Shelf Life Testing

- Heating Validations


Let’s kick off your next winning product.