Functional Ingredients for Food & Beverage


From simple to technical ingredients, we've got you covered.


Our functional ingredients include: Brined Vegetables, Vegetable Purees, Caramelize!, Natural Cheese Concentrates, Garlic, Essential Oils, Tomato Powder, Tahini, Natural Dairy Concentrates, Gums/Hydrocolloids, and more.




Simple Ingredients

Such as: Garlic, Brined Vegetables


Some functional ingredients are simple and easily used by R&D — Brisan’s value is having these ingredients in industrial quantities, aiding with scale-up, and delivering exceptional customer service.


Technical Ingredients

Such as: Gums, Essential Oils, Dairy Concentrates


Some industrial functional ingredients are challenging to use. Brisan’s technical sales team is extremely knowledgeable of industrial ingredient usage — from small bench batches to massive scale-up quantities. See below case study demonstrating how Brisan can streamline development by supporting your lab, marketing team, and purchasing department:


We Know Our Stuff

Our technical sales team knows functional ingredients tremendously well, and here's a case study to prove it:


Case Study:


Summary: A salad dressing company requests a clean label gum for a natural salad dressing product to help stabilize a precipitating dressing system.

Customer Objective:  Increase the cheese flavor intensity in a low pH system, while maintaining suspension and stability.

Our Approach: Ask a bunch of questions and carefully listen to the customer’s objective, formula, and processing in order to accurately discern what the problem truly is.

Solution: This is not an issue of gum, but rather an issue caused by high protein content derived from an increased cheese usage in an acidified environment. We suggest a clean label cheese concentrate and provide an accurate usage ratethis provides the desired bold, aged cheese flavor without affecting pH.

Outcome: We sent a clean label cheese concentrate sample to lab and pricing / MOQ / lead times to the purchasing department. The cheese concentrate solved the customer’s problem, the formula has been fully scaled-up, and is now available at retail.

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