Custom Ingredient Blends


Custom ingredient blends increase purchasing and plant efficiencies. That's a win-win.


Many experienced purchasing agents seek custom ingredient blends because they understand that adding "1 pre-blended unit" to a kettle in 1 quick pour, is much more efficient than individually weighing out multiple ingredients. Brisan has relationships with numerous manufacturers, in variety of categories, that can help supply ingredient blends, created specifically for your company's formulas.


Brisan's partner company, Resolve Food Systems, can make the process of custom blending even more seamless — by providing all the support in order to get the right custom blend, in the right pack size to your plant at your desired time, and within your cost parameters.


Regardless of the level of support you need, our smart, efficient team handles all the orders directlyso you can be certain you are in good hands. Our manufacturing sites have the ability to do:


  • Liquid and Dry Blending
  • Variety of Pack Sizes


  • Our manufacturing facilities can simply be handed a formula — scale it up, optimize it, and deliver it in your desired pack size.


  • Help develop a formula from scratch and hold your hand along the way to make sure you are delivered the right blend.

Operational Efficiency

Some customers look for a “goodie bag” custom blend micro-ingredients, because it increases their plant's operation efficiency. Micro-ingredient weighing is often very time consuming and can slow down a plant tremendously. By purchasing pre-measured micro-ingredients, a plant can simply dump a blended unit into production, increasing operational efficiency.


Scale-Up Consulting

Our strong, well-rounded team can help inform for group with: development decisionstrend insightstechnical guidance and support to improve or optimize your product's function, flavor, texture, and shelf life. We ask the right questions, in order to effectively solve your company's problems.

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