The Prova Story

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, WWII

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, WWII

Prova was founded in France in 1946 by Marcel Acat and Hugo Oller. Since its founding, Prova has remained a proud, family-owned company. Daniel Acat, Marcel Acat's son, joined Prova in 1961. As Prova's visionary and CEO, Daniel invested in quality people and novel technology. In 1993, Daniel Acat's daughter, Muriel Acat-Vergnet, joined Prova's management team and was elected CEO in 2008. Under the leadership of Muriel, Prova has continued to progress with unparalleled success—with thoughtful growth—and has held true to Prova's commitment to ethics and humanity.

Seventy years strong, Prova has solidified its position as one of the international leaders in vanilla extraction and ethical sourcing, ultimately earning authority as one of the world's most respected vanilla manufacturers.


"Thanks to expert knowledge of raw materials and an ongoing commitment to improve its industrial infrastructure, Prova is perpetuating the spirit of its founder. United by a shared passion for authentic tastes and respect for the product, the next two generations are taking Prova into the future: new production units, Prova subsidiaries at the international level and an expanding portfolio of vanilla, cocoa, coffee and other sweet brown flavourings ranges and extracts." - Prova




Prova is the third largest vanilla extracting company in the world and has a presence in 60 countries and application labs in 7 different locations. Prova’s Parisian application headquarters includes: an internationally recognized Executive Pastry Chef, Christophe Vicente Astry; flavor chemists—managed by the highly regarded  flavorist, Fabienne Clement; highly trained food science technicians; research chef associates; a full sensory team; and an analytical team.

Novel Technology and expertise


In 1946, Marcel Acat, Prova's founding father, developed a one-of-a-kind vanilla extraction, especially suited for flavoring chocolate. Prova's unique extraction allows them to capture the authentic character of vanilla in challenging applications. In order to optimally extract the aroma and flavor essence from raw materials, Prova devised flavor extraction techniques specially crafted to flavor specific applications. This novel technology demonstrates Prova’s strength and ingenuity. 

Prova's deep, diverse knowledge of different local tastes around the world, consumption patterns, and the gastronomic culture, has helped them succeed in supplying ingredients to over 60 countries.

Quality, they set the standard


Prova's scale allows deeper involvement in the supply chain at source, a guarantee of highest quality beans, product availability, and price protection through market crises.

Feel Good About Working with Prova


As a principal stakeholder and influencer in the vanilla industry, Prova maintains an ethical responsibility to invest back in Malagasy farmers who produce their raw materials. Prova demonstrates this long term, humanity commitment with their robust sustainable development project; this initiative is crucial to their company mission and formally solidified within their company structure.

Since 2012, Prova has supported an economically viable approach to vanilla production that respects resources and preserves good farming and preparation practices. In order to achieve these objectives, Prova works in tandem with Avabe (a vanilla planters’ association) and their main vanilla supplier. Prova also proudly manages an economic and social program aimed to improve education, healthcare, nutrition and subsistence crops through the non-governmental organization “Vanille Durable Bemanevika”.

Our objective is to enable the villagers and planters to become stakeholders in their own development, take ownership of these projects and ensure their long-term sustainability.
— Prova
Theresa Cantafio