Allergen-Free Dairy & Egg Ingredients

Bane of R&D's Existence 

Replacing dairy and egg in allergen-free products can be a food scientist's most challenging project. There are numerous hurdles and very little high quality resources to help achieve egg and/or dairy replacement projects. 


How Brisan Can Help

1) Emulsification-

Allergen-Free emulsifiers are often vegetable or root based gums. Generally speaking, gums are starch-like molecules that form colloidal suspensions in H2O. Gums, such as Xanthan or Arabic, have the effect of keeping fat droplets from recombining with each other, simply by physically "getting in the way" or by creating an electrostatic field.

2) Aroma and Flavor-

Kosher parve dairy and egg flavors are extremely challenging for a flavorist to createtake two protein rich substances and rip out all of the allergens and everything that makes their characteristic taste...but make them taste undeniably authentic. Whaa? 

Brisan has a line of pre-screened egg and milk type flavors from our various ingredient partners. Most of these industrial ingredients are considered: Vegan, Vegetarian, and/or Kosher Parve.  

3) Viscosity- 

"When I think gum : dairy synergy, I think Iota Carrageenan. In dairy-free systems seeking a dairy-like 'creamy' viscosity, I typically suggest Lambda Carrageenan, Tara Gum, Locust Bean Gum, and/or a unique blend of those gums, depending on application," recalls Brian Vogt, Brisan CEO and Gum/Hydrocolloid Technical Sales Expert." 

4) Sensory Modifier-

The descriptive sensory term, "Mouthfullness", is frequently used in dairy, beer, and wine tasting panels. It can be loosely defined as: The brain's perception of richness and mouth-filling effect of a substance during the in-mouth texture experience of food/beverage consumption. This sensory attribute is not to be confused with "physical viscosity", and is arguably more related to fat content and amino-acid nucleotide balance of a substance. Brisan supplies a mad-scientist, 'SensoryIP' technology called, "MSE" (Mouthfullness Sensation Enhancer) that literally tricks the brain into thinking there is more "Mouthfullness" (more naturally yummy richness) in a substance. MSE's technology is outrageously noveland it's clean-label and used at only 0.1%.