We fundamentally believe the traditional approach to food and drink commercialization is broken. We believe the only way to fix it is to function as leaders of change and embrace a new way of doing food business.

Celebrate Best-In-Class Expertise

With over twenty-two years of experience in ingredient supply chain, Brisan Group celebrates our best-in-class expertise as a valuable point-of-difference. After all, the number one failure with the successful food product commercialization is, ingredient and supply chain pitfalls. Our strong foundation and focus allows us to be nimble and swift. Read about our innovation philosophy.



We believe strongly in vertical-integration, and optimize our business for growth and seamless collaboration. Learn more about our recent acquisition and integration of Product Dynamics. Our well-rounded divisions:

  • Ingredient Supply Chain Consulting Division

  • Sensory Research

  • Consumer Insights

  • Product Development

  • Market Insights


Our Strategy Approach: Collaborative Integration 

Brisan Group is a diverse, cross-functional team that provides valuable collaborative-integration strategy so clients can speed up decision making and flourish. When we advise clients — food portfolio reviews, innovation and project briefs — we look at problems and opportunities from the perspective of all the different major commercialization disciplines. We don't outsource, we rely on our in-house divisions and weave together important implication context.


Our Execution Approach: Success is 1% Idea, 99% Execution

Brisan Group provides product development services to turn ideas into commercially viable food products. We take ideas all the way through production (and any step in between):

  • Commercialization Strategy Advising
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Descriptive Sensory Research
  • Consumer Research: Focus Groups, IHUTs, CLT 
  • Lab Services: Technical and Culinary Development
  • Co-man Selection and Scale-Up
Get on track to making better decisions and better products. We can help get you there.
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