Venture Advising


As venture advisors, we help VC's, private equity firms, and angel investors make prudent decisions with their money. 


Over that past 20 years, Brisan has had direct influence and experience with diverse food and beverage companies — industrial and food service. We've touched all the major food and beverage categories: alcohol, bakery, beverage, clean label, confectionery, dairy, frozen, meat, natural and organic, nutrition/nutraceutical, private label, and snack food.


Our team's well-rounded backgrounds span from marketing, culinary development and consumer insights, to R&D and QC directing, to industrial distribution and logistics.


Equity conversations shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can be exciting to theorize potential earnings, but sometimes the best investment is the one you don’t make.
— Brian Vogt, CEO of Brisan




Vetting of potential acquisitions 

technology / production / competition / advantages


Operational efficiencies 

internal and external resources for consumer insight / development / testing / scale-up / production


Introduction to new technologies

cutting edge / disruptive / new patents and IP's


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