April 2017


Rice Pudding / Miso Blood Orange / Caramel Puffed Rice / Sake Ice Cream

Pastry Chef nicole guini

  • Japanese influence: This dessert dish has tremendous Japanese influence from key ingredient components: miso, rices, and sake. 
  • Blood Orange: Yes, this citrus currently in season, but also a popular flavor all year. 
  • Unique Ice Cream: Influential, fine dining restaurants have really kicked up their selection of unique ice cream flavor profiles. A decade or two ago, Lavender ice cream and Rose Petal sorbet may have been the outliers — and thought of as odd, floral flavors and not for the faint of heart. But restaurants in 2017 are doing things like Pineapple-Wasabi Sorbet (Bouley, NYC) and Chèvre Ice Cream (Salero, Chicago).

Parisienne Gnocchi / Shaved Brussels Sprout & Kale / Maple Bacon / Parmesan / Pecan Dust

Chef Joanna Stachon

  • Parisienne Gnocchi - Classic French techniques and dishes are extremely popular right now.
  • Maple Bacon - Maple flavor has been on-trend for several years now. (Whether as a smoked maple cedar or added for unique sweetness character.)
  • Pecan "Dust" - Use of nuts to add crunch and/or thoughtful flavor. We love the imagery produced with the language, "dust" — much more interesting than calling this component, "Ground Pecans".
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