We fundamentally believe the conventional approach to food and drink scale-up is outdated. We believe the only way to fix it is to function as collaborative integrators and to provide best-in-class industrial ingredient and supply chain counsel.


Over the past twenty years, we’ve encountered a great deal of underestimation of the importance of strategic industrial ingredient sourcing and counsel. It seems to be an easy concept to grasp when it comes to chef-driven restaurants e.g. Dan Barber, Thomas Keller, Rick Bayless. But ironically, when it comes to industrial ingredient sourcing, the arena that can make the most quantifiable impact, the message falls on deaf ears. “Get me an ingredient that hits my CIU and do it quick.”


Let’s reset for a second.

Q: What literally makes up a food product?

A: Brand, Packaging, Processing, Ingredients. (Yeah, ingredients are pretty important.)


What is the #1 failure to scaling-up commercially viable food products?

Industrial ingredient and supply chain pitfalls.

That’s where we come in. Brisan Group is the only consulting group who provides Best-In-Class industrial ingredient and supply chain advising with our projects. We’ve been doing industrial ingredient counsel as a trusted advisor for over twenty years. We are the strongest in the industry.


There are three different types of innovation*. 

1. Product, 2. Process, 3. Business Model.



1. Process. We challenge traditional research and development methods.

  • Weave together sensory, consumer insights, and lab services for more meaningful data
  • Speedier project turnaround, increased efficiencies and nimbleness
  • Remove the barrier of entry to once inaccessible services
  • Provide a radically better experience

2. Business Model. We challenge traditional product development consulting business structure.

  • Vertically integrated in-house divisions (no silos or massive outsourcing here)
  • Provide value from a different part of the value chain — we're the only consulting group with best-in-class technical ingredient supply chain advisory
  • Reduce client fail rate by assisting clients to avoid common hurdles and pitfalls
  • Increase feasibility allowing for more commercially viable solutions

Brisan Group challenges conventional food and drink scale-up Process and Business Model, allowing us to thrive with clients who focus on Product innovation.


  • “think like a startup”

  • “determine scalable-strength of concepts, with associated hurdles and pitfalls”

  • “pivot or pull the plug quicker”

  • “speed to market and nimbleness”

With our innovative processes and model, Brisan Group approaches scale-up advising and execution in a way that results in quicker turnarounds and greater market success for our clients, by helping keep our client’s eye on truly commercially viable solutions — and we work as behind-the-scenes as clients like.


*According to McKinzie, 2017.