The general push towards clean labeling has also affected the meat industry. Alternative curing processes — caused from consumer disdain towards nitrates/nitrites — and removing caramel coloring and artificial flavors are just a few of the current buzz topics in the industrial meat industry.


In addition to ingredient restrictions, Marketing demands have also steered many decisions in the meat industry in the past decade. Consumer intrigue and demand for local, sustainable best practices with animal husbandry has shifted the ethics and direction of many meat companies, putting them under a magnifying glass.


Brisan's meat processing ingredients and group of meat consultants have earned us relationships with creative meat startups — in addition to some of the largest meat companies in the US.


And since we're an à la carte resource hub, you can pick and choose the goods / services that your project requires, and nothing more.


Here's the Services We Can Support You With


Technical Guidance

Accurate ingredient usage in meat applications



Plant Level Support

Support plant scale-up with our experienced meat expert - over 25 years of experience as a meat scientist in the industrial and food service meat industry




Assist with ideation and concept creation with cutting edge trends in the meat and flavor segment



Product Development

Ability to support your company with hands-on meat product development



Regulatory Support

Guide your company to make accurate claims, ingredient declarations, advising on HACCP plans, nutrition panel, macro FDA and USDA strategy in the meat segment


And an Ingredient Pipeline for Any Meat Application


Assorted Flavors

Flavors - ideal for meat

Grilled and Fried Flavors

Spice Flavors, Ethnic Flavors, Unique Specialty

Available in Natural, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan, non-GMO

More info on our flavor consultants & suppliers


Dairy Concentrates

Clean Label and Natural - significant cost savings while maintaining label, aroma, and flavor

Butter Concentrates 

Cheese Concentrates

Cream Cheese Concentrates

More info on our dairy concentrates



Improve Function in Meat Applications: mouthfeel, suspension, binding, and more  


Sensory Modifier

SensoryIP™  "MSE" - Mouthfullness Sensation Enhancer

This technology enhances, rounds, and adds resonance to flavor “mouthfullness” at 0.1%. It has been seen to boost spice notes in meat applications. Has zero affect on viscosity and translates to clean, rich, rounded-fullness. 



A Spectrum of Clean Label "Brown" Flavors- provides flavor, while incidentally adding intense natural brown color in meat applications

Labels as*: "Natural Flavor"

*Consult with your regulatory specialist to determine the correct labeling for your application.



Clean Label Natural, Real California Garlic - for meat marinades, etc.

Stock Items: Minced, diced, purees, juices

Custom: Starting with the bulb we can process garlic to any specification (solids, pH, etc.)

More info on our garlic partner


Savory Enhancers

Salt-Enhancing Ingredients - for salt reduction projects in meat applications

Natural Umami Enhancing Ingredients

Available in Natural, Clean Label, Organic, Kosher, and Allergen-Free

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