Make Industrial Food Beautiful


Compared to home cookin’ and thoughtful restaurant meals, industrial food can be sterile. Often with industrially scaled-up food, you lose some of the sensory fairy dust, some of the “I made this for you...taste it!” pride, some of the mealtime romance. 


Let’s change the story. Let’s stop settling on industrial ingredients that are “good enough”. Let’s only use superb ingredients. Let’s make industrial food beautiful.


With Brisan's clean label ingredients, you can do just that. When you source ingredients as carefully as Brisan, you guarantee they're made by the best manufacturers — globally. 


The below food photography is taken in-house at Brisan. Each item is made using a few of our natural, industrial ingredients. 


Flourless Chocolate Cake / Almond Butter Mousse / Warm Blackberry-Port Compote

Industrial Ingredients Used: Pure Cocoa Extract, Toasted Almond Flavor (Allergen-Free), Natural Blackberry Flavor, Clean Label Butter Concentrate


Prosciutto wrapped asparagus / stuffed with goat cheese and honey / sea salt flakes

Industrial Ingredients Used: Clean Label Goat Cheese Concentrate, Natural Honey Flavor


Southern buttermilk biscuits


Parmesan-Thyme popovers / buttermilk / toasted white pepper


Industrial Ingredients Used: Clean Label Parmesan Cheese Concentrate, Natural Thyme Flavor, Natural Buttermilk Flavor 


Brown butter-Averna biscotti / Dark Chocolate / toasted almonds and hazelnuts


Industrial Ingredients Used: Clean Label Brown Butter Concentrate, Caramelize! 300, Pure Cocoa Extract, Natural Hazelnut Flavor


Chocolate mousse tart / hibiscus chantilly / Shaved cocoa nib / Raspberries

Industrial Ingredients Used: Pure Cocoa Extract, Clean label Butter Concentrate, Natural Hibiscus Flavor WONF

Industrial Ingredient Used: Clean label Butter Concentrate

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