Culinary Trends

Our goal is to inspire the architecture of beautiful food on a massive scale.
— Theresa Cantafio, Vice President at Brisan

Holistic research methods & design principles

Brisan looks for independent restaurants and executive chefs that are doing things differently. We conduct weeks of obsessive menu research and tastings, then organize our findings with a sensory-centric focus.

Big trend companies charge serious cash to only tell you what's already on the market. Brisan predicts* future trends and validates current trends, while also defining overarching, emotional drivers and insights — and we do it all free of charge.

*Our 2015 and 2016 research predicted trends 8-10 months before other trend spotters (oh, yeah!).


Inspiring the architecture of beautiful food

You might ask yourself:

Q - If this research is a lot of work and requires a great deal of expertise, why does Brisan just give it away for free?

A - Because we're obsessively passionate about food. Our goal is to inspire the architecture of beautiful food on a massive scale. Click here to check out our "Make Industrial Food Beautiful" campaign.


Stay a step ahead

Become aware of a trend before it hits the market and learn which trends are still viable.

Imagine if your company was aware of a trend before your competition. You wouldn't be reactive anymore. You could proactively develop first-to-market products, with sufficient time to align R&D scale-up with and a thoughtful marketing strategy. 


The evolution of a culinary trend

After a cutting-edge culinary trend floats to the top of our research, it typically takes 10 months - 3 years to make its way down the market. Once the culinary trend builds momentum and compelling frequency across influential U.S. restaurants [think: the 3 Michelin star joints and brilliant, rogue chefs], it typically trickles down the market in this order:


A video about our trend research

This short film explains where we get our inspiration, how we approach the research, and why we do it:


Short Film: The Origin of Trends — Brisan's Culinary Research

Special thanks to: Chef Dave Park of Hanbun; One Off Hospitality Group and Blackbird Restaurant

Image Credit: Oriole, Chicago, IL


Complimentary 2017 culinary trend research

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