Food & Beverage Product Development


For the projects that require professional, hands-on help.


Our Line-Up

Brisan's comprehensive group of contract food & beverage developers have compelling field experience in the following categories: bakery, beverage, alcohol, prepared-salads, meatculinary development, flavor chemistry, nutraceutical, tobacco, dairy, and confectionery (to name a few).


As with our food and beverage consultants, Brisan's team of developers are industry-raised professionals. We have evaluated their backgrounds, knowledge, project success rates, and collaboration skills—in order to provide our clients with a strong, diverse group of contract R&D players to select and utilize when a project may require additional help.


Problem Solvers

Our food product development specialists are very flexible. They can help guide your project with a virtual presence, and are more than happy to visit your facility first-hand in order to collaborate with your team, evaluate, and consult on a project. 


Brisan is confident we have the proper team to help any food & beverage category effectively, because our team has worked the bench, managed a group, and problem-solved on nearly all project types. They've been in your shoes before—they get it—and are ready to solve your problems. 


Project Management



Capable of all size projects—from making a simple blend, to being a part of a massive, multiple stage project.



Brisan's nimble developers can do quick turnaround samples and can collaborate on multiple-year long projects. 



Resource management is a very important part of coordinating a project. Our developers are team players and can assist in resource distribution, allocation, and documentation.

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