With the GMO and hormone-free rBST requests and demand for milk origin and transparency, dairy farmers and dairy plants have forged a closer relationship. The volatility of dairy commodities, growing demand for whey, and increase in organic raw materials has put added pressure on buyers, purchasing agents, and companies in the dairy segment.



Being aware of clean label and cost-saving opportunities puts many dairy companies at an advantage—helping protect margins. Brisan's dairy ingredients suppliers have a fantastic selection of diverse dairy flavors. 


And since we're an à la carte resource hub, you can pick and choose the goods / services that your project requires, and nothing more.


Here's the Services We Can Support You With


Technical Guidance

Accurate ingredient usage in dairy applications



Plant Level Support

Support plant scale-up with our experienced dairy experts 




Assist with ideation and concept creation with cutting edge trends in the dairy segment



Product Development

Ability to support your company with hands-on dairy product development



Regulatory Support

Guide your company to make accurate claims, ingredient declarations, advising on HACCP plans, nutrition panel, macro FDA and USDA strategy in the dairy segment


And an Ingredient Pipeline for Any Dairy Application


Assorted Flavors

Flavors - ideal for dairy applications: low pH, strong stability in dairy systems (to add to dairy applications such as: Natural Fruit Flavors for yogurts, Natural Chocolate Flavors for milk, etc.)

Dairy Flavors - for flavor-enhancing, cost-savings purposes, label opportunities and claims i.e. Natural Butter Flavors for bakery, Natural Artisan Cheese Flavors for a pizza applications, Natural Cream-Type Flavors for a dairy-free ice cream application, etc.

Available in Natural, Kosher, and Kosher-Parve (for the dairy-type flavors)

More info on our flavor expertise


Cocoa Extracts

Pure Cacao Extractives - various flavor profiles fit for dairy applications

Reduce Cocoa Powder Usage - flavor intensity, less bulk density (especially in bars)

Clean Label and Natural, available in organic and non-GMO



Wide Range of Vanilla Flavors and Extracts - diverse profiles and solubilities fit for dairy

True Oil-Soluble Vanilla - to evenly deliver flavor in fat-based systems and provide significant increase in baking heat stability 

Replacements for Vanillin - for increased bake-stability and price savings

More info on our expertise in vanilla



Clean Label

Whole Foods Acceptable

Cost Effective

Wide Consistency Spectrum - from thick bar layers to thin ice cream and yogurt variegates  

Completely customizable 

Learn more about our caramel ingredients


Dairy Concentrates

Clean Label and Natural - significant cost savings while maintaining label, flavor, and aroma

Butter Concentrates 

Cream Cheese Concentrates

Cheese Concentrates 

Yogurt Concentrates

More info on our dairy concentrates



Improve Function in Dairy Applications: mouthfeel, suspension, binding, and more 


Sensory Modifier

SensoryIP™  "MSE" - Mouthfullness Sensation Enhancer

This technology enhances, rounds, and adds resonance to flavor while also heightening the in-mouth texture sensation of “mouthfullness” at 0.1%. Has zero affect on viscosity and translates to clean, rich, rounded-fullness in dairy applications.



A Spectrum of Clean Label "Brown" Flavors- provides flavor, while incidentally adding intense natural brown color in dairy applications

Labels as*: "Natural Flavor"

*Consult with your regulatory specialist to determine the correct labeling for your application.


Coffee Extracts

Pure Coffee Extractives, variety of coffee profiles fit for dairy systems

Single Origin Varietal Availability

Liquid and Spray-Dried versions

Clean Label and Natural, available in Organic and non-GMO

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