Food & Beverage Consulting Services


Giving you the confidence to make big decisions — and every size decision in between.


The Best In All the Land

Brisan has built relationships with some of the best food & beverage consultants over the past 20 years. We don’t just add any consultant to our portfolio of creative geniuses. We vet track records, assess knowledge, and ask the tough questions — so you don’t have to.



Our diverse group of category experts specialize in: regulatory, beverage, bakery, meat, culinary developmentflavor chemistry, dairy, snacks and more. Brisan's network of food consultants are industry-raised professionals with reputable field experience and tremendous collaboration skills.


Relieve Your Headaches

When Brisan hooks your company up with an expert, expect to have an ally with your company’s best interest at hand. We will help you make informed decisions with confidence—ultimately allowing you to sleep better at night. Our team can help guide a blurry concept to a tangible product, optimize a flat sku, troubleshoot scale-up issues, and hold your hand along the bumpy commercialization journey.


Bring It On

Our food and beverage consultants are capable of guiding straightforward projects and are eager to roll up their sleeves for challenges. Brisan doesn’t work with cookie-cutter specialists; we work with the professionals who’ve succeeded because they think fiercely outside-the-box.

We’re on your side, we're here to help, and we're hungry for a challenge.

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