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We help companies find the right food & beverage co-manufacturer / contract manufacturing partner for their products.


First let's go over some "biz" vocabulary so we're on the same page:


Co-man = abbreviation of "Co-manufacturer"

Co-manufacturer = same thing as a "Contract Manufacturing Partner"


It's essential to select the co-man that is a true fit for your business and finished product. Companies spend months researching domestic co-manufacturers and contract manufacturing partners, but with Brisan's seasoned commercialization experience and diverse relationships, we can save you time and help you make informed decisions when selecting the perfect contract manufacturing partner.


Upon helping a company find a co-manufacturer, we make sure to pay attention to the key factors of your business, product, and company mission. See below for a general breakdown of how we guide our clients to find the ideal contract manufacturing partner:


Processing conditions


Packaging options

Shelf life


GFSI Certification

Minimum Production Requirements




Learn how we can help you find the perfect co-man today.

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