Alcoholic Beverages

With an industry-leading alcohol consultant & alcohol developer and a portfolio of ingredients and flavors for alcohol, Brisan can provide the necessary resources to scale-up and develop a concept, spot-on raw materials, and consultation within the alcohol segment. 



Technical Guidance-  Accurate ingredient usage in alcoholic beverage applications

Plant Level Support- Support plant scale-up with our experienced alcoholic beverage consultants - compelling experience doing all stages of spirit, beer, wine, wine-cooler, liqueur, etc. scale-up

Trends- Assist with ideation and concept creation with cutting edge trend research in the alcohol and cocktail segment

Product Development- Ability to support your company with hands-on alcoholic beverage product development

Regulatory Support- Guide your company to make accurate claims, flavor and finished beverage label compliance, ingredient declarations, "fit to category" allowance, advising on HACCP plans and TTB strategy 



Assorted Flavors-

  • Diverse selection of authentic flavor profiles for alcoholic beverage development - beer, ready-to-drink, spirits, liqueurs, bitters, etc. 
  • Variety of processing conditions fit for alcoholic beverage applications
  • Cost savings
  • Flavor Consultants


  • A Spectrum of Clean Label "Brown" Flavors- provides flavor, while incidentally adding intense natural brown color to beverage applications
  • Labels as*: "Natural Flavor", "Sugar", or "Burnt Sugar"

*Consult with your regulatory specialist to determine the correct labeling for your application.

Cocoa Extracts-

  • Pure Cacao Extractives - various flavor profiles
  • Less Dusting in Plant
  • Remove Micro Concerns
  • Easier in Process - skip "2-step process" to make cocoa slurry before incorporating into liquid system
  • Clean Label and Natural, available in Organic and non-GMO

Dairy Concentrates- 

  • Clean Label and Natural - significant cost savings while maintaining label and flavor in cream based liqueurs 
  • Milk Concentrates
  • Sweet Cream Concentrates
  • Heavy Cream Concentrates 
  • Yogurt Concentrates 

Vanilla Flavors- 

  • Wide range of vanilla flavors, diverse profiles, stock and custom
  • True oil-soluble vanilla - provides significant increase in heat stability 
  • Replacements for vanillin, for price savings and label
  • Knowledgeable vanilla experts


  • Improve Alcoholic Beverage System Function - mouthfeel, freeze / thaw, suspension, consistency, binding, and more

Masking Agents-

  • Bitterness masking: Vitamins, KCl, etc.
  • Protein masking: Pea Protein, Soy Protein, etc.

Coffee Extracts-

  • Pure Coffee Extractives, variety of coffee profiles for alcoholic beverage applications
  • Single Origin Varietal Availability
  • Liquid and Spray-Dried versions
  • Clean Label and Natural, available in Organic and non-GMO


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